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Manta Ray


Female Surfer

Tofo is a world class dive destination and ranks among the top diving spots in Africa. It is most famous for its big marine life encounters and seldom-dived gems. Come and discover some real untouched nature and experience the ocean in the best way possible!

- Single dive/Fun dive (own gear): 3200 MZN pp 

- Single dive/Fun dive (rental gear): 3600 MZN pp

(guests at Kumba Lodge qualify for a 20% discount at our partners Liquid Dive Adventures)


Each of the dives are led by an Instructor or experienced Dive Master. There are always 2 members of staff on board the boat during each dive.


There will be a full briefing of your dive, including the boat launch and full safety procedures.


The dive sites are all blue water drops and always take place with a reel and a surface marker for safety. 

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